ECC recycles

Here’s How You Can Recycle at ECC

1. Recycle paper in the bins that are provided or make your own bin from an empty paper box that you clearly label “recycled paper.”  Periodically empty your recycled paper bin into a nearby blue recycling tote.

2. Coming soon: public area recycling stations that will allow you to recycle beverage containers as well as paper and cardboard.

3. If you want to help ECC expand its recycling program, contact the recycling committee on your campus to get involved on the recycling committee.  Click here for contact information.

4. If you need additional recycling bins, contact  Elaine Gross, Building and Grounds Administrative Assistant, at or 270-5178.

5. ECC will recycle your household batteries from home for you!  To recycle them, place them in a reusable campus mail envelope and send via campus mail to Joel Damiani, Coordinator of ECC Institutional Services, 100C Nunan Building, North Campus.  Enclose a note stating that these are your personal batteries from home and you wish them to be recycled and Joel will take care of the rest.


recycling bin

We live in a consumptive and materialistic society with the result that we produce a lot of waste that ends up in landfills.  While waste reduction and reuse should be our top priorities,after using those strategies we should be recycling as much as we can. Recycling not only spares the landfill but it also saves and reuses the resources that products are made of (giving them another “life”) and at the same time reduces the energy requirements and emissions associated with producing new products.  Recycling is an important strategy for reducing ECC environmental footprint – the more the better!

ECC Recycling Policy

ECC is committed to expanding its recycling program to include all materials which can be feasibly and economically recycled including but not limited to paper, cardboard, beverage containers, and facilities waste products.  ECC’s goal is to maximize opportunities for recycling and participation in the recycling program, eventually achieving a recycling rate of 50% or better.

Click here to see ECC’s full recycling policy.

ECC Recycling Program

ECC is actively expanding its recycling program.  In addition to paper and cardboard, ECC hopes to begin beverage container recycling on all its campuses soon and is already routinely recycling old computers, waste fluorescent lamps, empty toner and printer cartridges, fryer oil from kitchens, waste motor oil and automotive chemicals, maintenance solvents, and automotive and household batteries.

For a list of what you can and can’t put into the large blue paper recycling totes, click here.

If you need a recycling bin for your office or have a recycling problem, contact Elaine Gross, Building and Grounds Administrative Assistant, at or 270-5178.

ECC has recycling committees on each campus.  Click here for contact information.  Please get involved!

ECC’s recycling vendor, Cascade Recovery U.S., Inc., is working closely with ECC’s campus recycling committees to implement improved recycling of paper and cardboard and introduce beverage container recycling.

To find out how to recycle your household batteries from home, contact Joel Damiani, Coordinator of ECC Institutional Services, or 851-1405.

See what "closing the loop" means.

Auxiliary Services Partners with Pepsi in Recycling Efforts at ECC.

Recycling is fast becoming a major initiative on college campuses nationwide. Here at ECC, the Auxiliary Services Corporation, operator of your campus food service and contractor for campus vending machines, has teamed up with Pepsi to encourage the campus community to recycle all beverage containers both plastic and can. Pepsi “Dream Machine” Blue Containers have been placed in various locations on all three campuses for the collection of cans and bottles.

Please do your part by depositing your cans and bottles only into these receptacles and we’ll do our part by separating them and returning them to Pepsi. Please do not put paper or trash in these containers! Paper for recycling can be placed in the Large Blue METRO Waste receptacles located throughout the college.

Thank you for your cooperation in helping us Go Green at ECC!