green purchasing

ECC also buys remanufactured toner and ink cartridges whenever they are available as well as green cleaning supplies (as per NYS Green Cleaning Program) and other green products.

To find out more about ECC green products purchasing and the reuse of office supplies or to suggest new green products, contact Joel Damiani, Coordinator of ECC Institutional Services, or 851-1405.

To find out more about ECC’s green cleaning program, Elaine Gross, Building and Grounds Administrative Assistant, at or 270-5178.

Also contact Joel for information about available used office furniture which may meet your needs without purchasing new.


The manufacturing of products we use everyday involves resource production and energy use and typically involves pollution of one kind or another.  Thus, the greenest product is the one you don’t buy and don’t use at all or only use sparingly.  That said, the next greenest product is the one that is made of non-toxic, recycled, or sustainable materials in as energy efficient a process as possible strictly minimizing the use of fossil fuels.  Green procurement is an important practice for reducing campus environmental footprint, and fortunately it has taken off in recent years as is evident by NYS Governor David Paterson’s Executive Order 4 which calls on all state agencies to buy green products as much as possible. 

ECC Switches to 100% Recycled Paper!

ECC is now buying 100% post consumer content recycled paper for all of its 8.5 X 11 inch white copier and printer paper needs.  “100% post consumer content” means that the paper is made entirely of waste paper which has been used by consumers at least once.  Typically this paper is also made without the use of additional chlorine, which is another environmental benefit because chlorine used in the manufacturing of paper creates air and water dioxin emissions.
100% post consumer content recycled paper has the same appearance and performance of the 30% recycled content paper that ECC was previously purchasing but maximizes the environmental benefits of using recycled paper.  These benefits include: