green curriculum

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ECC Credit and Non-Credit Programs that Promote Sustainability Education
and Green Job Training

ECC Architecture students build strawbale house walls
Tim Schnaufer and his students

ECC Architecture students build strawbale house walls
ECC architecture students green design panels on display at City Campus (Architecture Professor Tim Schnaufer's Spring 2010 class)

ECC Architecture students build strawbale house walls
ECC Architecture students build strawbale house walls for April 17, 2010, Green Expo at Galleria Mall in Cheektowaga

ECC is moving quickly to “green” its curriculum with a number of new exciting environmental programs that will prepare ECC students for the green jobs of the future.

Beginning the fall 2010 semester ECC has started two new two year associates degree programs in Environmental Science and Environmental Technology Geoscience at North Campus. These new programs offer an explicit in-depth environmental focus to supplement individual environmental courses already offered by other ECC programs such as “energy and the environment” and “renewable energy.” Students in the Environmental Science program will acquire a solid background in ecosystems, biodiversity, and conservation. The students in the Environmental Technology Geoscience will be prepared for a career in environmental testing, geological waste testing, forestry services, land conservation and ecosystems.

ECC has a Heating, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration certificate program at North and a Green Building Technology certificate at City Campus that prepares graduates to operate and repair building HVAC equipment and systems for maximum efficiency, thus conserving energy and reducing the environmental impacts associated with burning fossil fuels. The Electrical Engineering Department at North, has two upper level courses they have added to their degree program as electives. They are: Renewable Energy in Electric Power and Photovoltaic Systems. Their new Introduction to Photovoltaic Systems is a general course open to any one who is interested in PV. They plan to offer it for the first time this summer. In the near future ECC will be expanding its certificate programs to include PV solar electric, geothermal energy, and possibly wind turbine maintenance along with a degree program in renewable energy.

Through its Workforce Development program ECC is able to offer additional green jobs training.  These programs provide non-credit professional training.  Currently ECC Workforce Development offers the following green job training programs:

Weatherization Technician

Building Performance Institute (BPI) Building Analyst Certification

Building Envelope Professional Training

Heating Professional Training

Cooling Professional Training

Photovoltaic Certificate of Knowledge

A new ECC Workforce Development program in home weatherization training program has been developed to meet the need for qualified weatherization experts to implement the massive nationwide weatherization program envisioned by the federal government’s stimulus program. This weatherization training will be conducted in a new 2400 square foot “pressure house” that ECC is constructing on its South Campus as part of a larger ECC facility to demonstrate and create hand-on learning opportunities in solar energy and green building technologies. Classes in weatherization technician training are also provided at the College’s Workforce Development division at 45 Oak Street in Buffalo.